Request Foods is your co-packing partner. With 600,000 sq. ft. of cooking, blending, freezing and packing capacity, we are your one-stop resource for R&D and processing. Our team of top culinary chefs create custom entrées, side dishes, heat ‘n’ serve portions, and a whole lot more—every meal in every size. Give your retail, club store or national brand the consistent quality of Request Foods.
We Make Your Brand … Better

The Quality and Quantity You Need

Request Foods® produces nearly 500 different custom entrées, side dishes, appetizers, sauces and desserts — each recipe formulated to meet a specific customer requirement, whether foodservice, private label or national brand.

Your Store or National Brand – Our World Class Production

Request Foods co-packing facilities are GFSI Certified under the BRC scheme. Better quality is one more assurance that Request Foods products are produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest safety standards.

Love Where You Work!

Our supportive working environment enables everyone to work to their utmost potential, in a position that is gratifying and enjoyable. Team members who work hard and strive to make continuous improvements will find an upward path open to greater responsibility and reward. Throughout our tremendous growth in the past 30 years, Request Foods has remained focused on the family. We believe in the unity of family, and we’ve achieved success by treating our employees with integrity, trust and respect. . . or said another way, like family.