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Capabilities/Facilities & Manufacturing

Scaled Production & Packaging

Located on adjacent sites in Holland, Michigan, our three world-class prepared entrée and skillet meal production facilities – totaling 903,000 sq. ft. – are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art processing equipment, engineered to assure optimum quality at each stage of production. We can provide high-speed, high-volume production, or more moderately sized capabilities for startup opportunities.

Request Foods can partner with you to incorporate specific production equipment for large scale projects.

Single-Serve Trays

  • High-speed, high-volume with maximum automation through to packing
  • Moderate speed for hand-placed accuracy or lower volume
  • Various paperboard, plastic, or formed pulp tray sizes available, but custom sizes can be accommodated by designing new sealing plates.
  • Printed paperboard cartons can be packed in RSC or shelf-ready cases.

Multi-Serve Trays

  • Paperboard trays for typical fill of 20 to 50 ounces.
  • Film sealed and quick frozen in spiral blast freezers.
  • Printed cartons are automatically scanned to prevent mislabeling.
  • Printed paperboard cartons can be packed in RSC or shelf-ready cases.

Party-Size Trays

  • Foil half-steamtable pans can be packed in printed cartons for retail or overwrapped with slipsheet/adhesive label for foodservice.
  • Multi-kettle kitchens and double-spiral blast freezers support high volume production

Vertical-Fill Skillet Bags

  • Printed retail bagging with choices for gussets, folds
  • Options for bag widths and lengths, filling weights from 12 to 48 ounces
  • Liquid nitrogen tunnel freezing of sauce pucks
  • Four lanes fill inline multihead weighers to support multiple components such as sauce pucks, proteins, vegetables, pasta.

Cooking Equipment

  • Steam-injected kettles
  • Continuous blanchers with cooling and dewatering
  • Impingement belt oven
  • Steam-jacketed horizontal blending cookers
  • Rack cooking steam oven

Cooling Equipment

  • Swept-surface heat exchangers

Pasta-Making Equipment

  • Demaco noodle presses
  • Dies for extruding various shapes: lasagna, macaroni, penne, fettucine, mafalda, spaghetti, etc.

Filling Equipment

  • Piston fillers
  • Handtmann vacuum fillers
  • Dial fillers
  • Triangle Inline weighers
  • Multi-Fill MPF particulate fillers 
  • Patty forming

Mixing Equipment

  • Programmable paddle blenders, ribbon blenders

Freezing Equipment

  • Spiral freezers, double-spiral, product contact spiral
  • Size ranging from 2,500-25,000 pounds/hr

Food Safety Equipment

  • Metal detection, in-line barcode scanners, X-ray technology

Special Equipment

  • Pouch filling (hot- or cold-fill): 8 oz. to 6 lb.
  • Skillet bag forming
  • Frozen sauce puck capability

John F. Donnelly Facility (RQH)

370,000 Production Square Feet
3460 John F. Donnelly Drive
Holland, MI 49424

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Greenly Street Plant (GSP)

413,000 Production Square Feet
12875 Greenly Street
Holland, MI 49424

DirectionsShipping & Receiving

Quincy Street Plant (QSP)

120,000 Production Square Feet
13044 Quincy Street
Holland, MI 49424

DirectionsShipping & Receiving