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Request Foods produces nearly 800 different custom entrées, side dishes, appetizers, sauces and desserts — each recipe formulated to meet specific customer specifications, whether foodservice, private label or national brand.

We start by meticulously prepare each individual component – cooking sauce from scratch, shredding cheeses, extruding and cooking our own fresh pasta. We assemble components by layering, mixing, or depositing side by side in a tray. Finally, we quick freeze to preserve the fresh flavors.

When the finished product is cooked by the consumer, it is a luscious, savory experience for all to enjoy.

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One of our core strengths, making lasagna in any flavor or size you want, from single serve to party-size.  We make our own pasta and layer your creation by hand.  Beef, Sausage, Chicken, Vegetable:  the possibilities are endless.

Pasta Dishes

We can make fresh pasta in most shapes or use a unique purchased pasta you specify. Proteins, vegetables, sauce, toppings can be layered or components can be place side by side for an attractive presentation.

Rice and Grains

Our consistent quality of cooked rice or grain blends can enhance comfort favorites or health-focused innovation.

Global Cuisine

Let our chefs develop ethnic flavors like Mexican- or Korean-inspired entrees for you.  We can keep it regional-traditional or adapt cultural influences to emerging trends to make sure your offerings are on trend.

Comfort Foods

Frozen is ideally suited for many of our comfort favorites: Mac & Cheese, Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes, Stuffed Peppers, and more.  We can put your unique touches on indulgent and satisfying traditional fare.


Whether it’s single serve convenience or a family brunch easy button, we can build the right morning meal for your consumer.

Skillet Bags

We’ll combine frozen sauce pucks, meat, vegetables, pasta or any other component in a convenient gusseted bag for skillet convenience and freshness.

The Art of Presentation and Preservation

Our extensive production capabilities allow us to package our prepared entrées, side dishes, and sauces in a wide range of container sizes, from single serve containers up to 6 lbs. pans, dual-oven trays, and boil-in-the-bag pouches.

2 -4  lb. Pans
4-6 lb. Pans
8-80 oz. Pouches
6-16 oz. Pans

Options in Skillet Meals and Sauce Pucks

Printed roll stock film can be formed to various diameter forming tubes and cut to length to accommodate preferred fill weight. Four gusset options available:


Flat Bottom


Four Corner