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A Strategic Approach to Culinary Excellence

As a seasoned co-packer and manufacturing partner, we specialize in transforming unique recipes into regional and national household sensations.

Our unique capabilities allow us to carefully prepare each ingredient — simmering our just-made sauces with fresh ground beef and creating our own fresh pasta from number one durum semolina flour. We are committed to investing in new technology to add capacity, production speed, scalability, freshness of ingredients, and quality assurance. Beyond production, our support extends to branding, marketing, distribution, and logistics.

Culinary Creativity
Our experienced, industry-leading culinary experts collaborate with customer and sales teams to partner innovative flavors and mouth-watering ingredients to create cost-effective, commercialized recipes.

Dependable Consistency
Our processing expertise, equipment, ability to focus on one batch at a time, and our commitment to excellence yields consumer satisfaction and signature profiles that draws in and holds onto customers.

Startups & Small Brands →

Replicate and scale your authentic recipes

Private Label Brands →

Diversify your product offerings

National Brands →

Consistent high volume production of your foods